Issue regarding marriage certificate.


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We got married last year in India and got a marriage certificate at local mandal office. The names on the certificate were printed incorrectly and wondering how much an issue that would be at the US consulate when my wife goes for H4 visa stamping next month. She first came to US on H1B and going to India to get H4 visa.

My name is "FFFF LLLL" (first name followed by surname) and my wife's maiden name is "AAAA BBBB" (first name followed by surname) but the certificate has her name as "AAAA LLLL". We didn't want to change my wife's surname after marriage but the error in the certificate happened due to some confusion of the staff at MRO office. My wife passport has maiden name in her passport as well as all other documents and certificates.

We contacted the MRO office to amend the certificate but they say they can't do it so reaching out to you guys to see how she can defend this during the H4 visa interview. Can we get an affidavit from notary explaining what has happened? We recently bought a home with joint property ownership so wondering whether that would help. Anyone with similar experiences?


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Thanks for the response, pontevecchio.

The marriage certificate doesn't have her maiden name printed on it, just my name and her married name. Yes, we do have pictures and other evidence like joint filing of tax returns, joint ownership of property so hoping that would be good enough in case the officer points the discrepancy of her name in marriage certificate vs her passport.

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