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Hi. The new VFS has been moved to usatraveldocs or something. I am looking for November as well but dont see anything after Nov 2 up until like Dec 5th. It is not only in mumbai but in all other consulates as well. I am just puzzled how could this be true across all consulates in india for one whole month of november. I dont have any answer to your question for which Iam seeking answer as well. the customer service people does not help at all. seriously feel some kind of databse issue

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Hello All,

Thanks for quick response.

I did filled out DS 160 form and login to my profile on (ustraveldocs.com/in). As i was filling all the information, i need to provide receipt number (INR 10450 - I assume it is HDFC receipt # or something) to go ahead.

Is this right?



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Yes, you need to pay the visa fee 1st to block the date or to look for available dates.

when you click on the options to pay & select citi or axis bank, you will be redirected to a page which you should take a print out & present it at the bank when you are paying the visa fee.

After paying the fee your account will be automatically activated (takes 3 -5 hrs) and you will be able to see the dates.

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Hi Viral,

Thank you so much for screenshot. From you post looks like some dates in 1st-2nd week of nov are open in chennai.

I was really looking forward for those dates. Since I had already booked my appointment for later date in nov, I dont have any access to see the dates.Can you please share your contact#, It will be really helpful for me, if you can check the dates again when I am rescheduling my appointment.

One more imp thing i want to share with you guys, that we can reschedule appointment only twice.

Looking forward for reply from you.

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@Viral, I couldnt find any link to add you as a friend.

You can add me as a friend instead. or share you email address at least if you dont mind.

I am just stucked in very tricky situation here.

When booked my interview slot earlier, by mistake it happened twice from me. As when I clickec on continue it confirmed my appointment at 1st place. which i dont wanted then I cancelled it and booked 20th. since this process happened twice from me. Now I cant recschedule my appointment anymore.

Call center people says that, my receipt will be deactivated if I try to cancel it once more. and I have to pay the fee again.

which I am ready to do as I really want to dates b/w 7-9 nov. but now they are saying that I have to cancel my existing appointment again, those changes will take some time to get effective in my account and then again once my receipt number column is clear, I pay the fee again and schedule appointment. this whole process is gonna take more than 24-48 hours. and I can loose this dates within this time span. That is why I wanted some immidiate contact who have access to those dates and can help me with available dates.

This process is really annoying, I am going on some family emergency. and have to struggle through all this, so that I can fit my interview date within my travel plan.

Someone who has not scheduled their appointment yet can really help me in this.

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@madhu, you can contact me p.viral.p@gmail.com


Do we have restriction on how many time we can see dates? Today I saw three time and it gave me error "You have reach maximum time viewing dates and need to complete the transaction"

Let me know if any faces this issue.


I saw today evening (PST time) the date are still same as my previous post.



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Thank you soooo very much Viral.

Finally I got the date of 8th nov for visa.

As I was on my 3rd attempt of rescheduling appointment, call center guys told me that my receipt will get deactivated if I try to reschedule one more time. Thats the reason I was very scared to even cancel my existing appointment. as even if I pay fee again, adding payee, account updates would have taken nothing less than 48 hours and by that time 8th 9th dates would have been booked.

But I just took a risk and cancelled my appointment. and luckily my receipt was still valid, and I was able to reschedule new appointment.

So statement made my call center guys was not right about limitations of resceduling appointment. or maybe system is not updated as per their rules. But still I would suggest you all to be very careful for number resceduling attempts.

and all the very best to you all and hope you get your expected dates.

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Yes I cancelled it for 3rd time, I was ready to pay the fee again but then saw that receipt was still valid and I could rescedule one more time. I am not sure on which grounds/rules Call center guys are giving this kind of information, but we should not rely completely on the information which they are giving.

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