Employee Address Change while PERM is in Progress


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Hi -

My PERM is currently in Progress and I am planning to change my residence/postal address soon.

Can you please provide your inputs on the below questions?

  • Does changing my Postal/Residence address have any impact on my current PERM that is pending? As i noticed that in FORM 9089 we also provide the employee address along with the Employer Address.

  • I am currently planning to change the address to the same state, but will it matter if I change to a different state than the one that is mentioned in the FORM 9089?

I am a mobile employee and travel 4 days a week, I know one requirement if I move to a different state is to file the LCA for the new State but not sure how this impacts the current PERM that is pending.

Thanks a lot for your valuable inputs in advance...

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