Are these docs really required to carry for Interview?


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Hi All, Who complete their Interview:

Reply to below link:

I am planning to go Canada for Visa Interview. My employer said, they can give below docs only in case of 221g (Administrative Process), as reply to Consulate!

Employer also telling, these are confidential and really Visa officer (VO) will not ask Employee about these Docs! VO will request in 221g, if he want to have a look before taking final decision on your visa!

Have any of you submitted any of these docs at the time of your interview to VO? Did VO asked you directly at the time of interview?

Are you carrying just for sake, to submit immediately to consulate, in case of 221g??

Please suggest!

6. Employee Tax returns 3 years.

7. Quarterly unemployment wage reports for last 6 quarters and Employers list (Org chart)

8. Notarized list of all employees from my company

11. SOW (Vendor - Client)

12. Work Orders (Employer - Vendor)

18. Organization Structure

Thanks for your valuable Answers...

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Even my employer also mentioned the same. When we get 221g, then they will provide those documents to VO it seems. I told them to provide atleast sealed document, but they were not ready to do that. As far as I know, these documents are only the supported documents. When rest of the documents doesn't work then these might help us but not really. If VO want to give us 221g then none of these will work. Anyway's all the best for your interview.

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