Theft of Service Arrest...please help


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I have entered in usa 6 yrs back on an F1 visa and never been out of country.Now i am on H1 B.Planning to go to canada for stamping.I got arrested for not swiping metro card through turnstile but going through emergency door.This happened just 2months after i am in usa i.e around 6yrs back.I didn't had State ID at that time(NO SSN).They took pictures and finger prints(i don't remember taking finger prints)at that time and entered my name incorrectly in their record.I had to stay 6 hrs in jail.As i was convicted,judge has ordered 1 day community service.Now the problem is i need to take canada visa.Will i need to reveal the arrest for canada visa application form .If i get canada visa, will i have to reveal my arrest in DS160 form.Also i never had a problem in getting a job(most of clients have done background check and i had no problem).Also i lost my court records.I don't know what to do.Please help me

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I can provide some information might be helpful. Please collect certified copies of your case from county court where you attended. You can get these documents by calling to clerks office in the court. They will charge like $10-20 based on state. Better order minimum of 10 copies so that you don't have to do it again. And also if you paid the fine get the copy of that one. Call to police department where you put in jail for 6hrs. They will you the reports too( request for certified copy). And also please conduct self background check at local police dept(tell them for Immigration/visa purpose).

if you need more support, contact any attorney, they will provide support documents.

Good luck.

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