Successful visa stamping@Vancouver on 12th Oct,2012


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Hi All,

First I want thank to Murthy Forum, it helped me a lot. Now its the time to share my Visa experience at Vancouver. My Visa interview was on 12th Oct,2012 at 9.30 am.

Here are my Interview Questions;

1. Whom do you work for?

2. What did they do?

3. What you do for them?

4. When did you complete your MS?

5. Can I see your MS certificate?

6. when did u start working ?

7. Can I see all your petitions?

7. Where did you start working?

8. To which company did start working?

9. After looking into the petitions, she noted something in the system and asked again, currently to which company you are currently working?

10. What did they do?

11. What did you do for them?

12. Your roles and responsibilities?

That's it, then she said the golden words " Your Visa has been Approved and you can pick it up in 3-5 days" and

given instructions sheet.

Hope this helps you!



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