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I came to USA on student visa. I completed my master's and working for a consulting company.

I am planning to go for H1B stamping to Canada.

when I was student, I got arrested for speeding/reckless driving and was in jail for 1 week.

I wanted to find out, a couple of things because i am going for visa stamping in Canada.

1) Do i need to mention that I was arrested for speeding in DS160 Form?

2) Can i get my stamping done easily, do i need any specific documents that i need to take with me?

Please suggest if anyone knows something regarding this.


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1) Better mention that you was arrested in "Have you ever arrested...." question in "Background" section of DS 160.

2) Take all the documentation i.e., documents related to court and attorney when you go for visa interview. This documentation will help if VO asks you about your arrest to prove that case has been closed.

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