Successful visa stamping@vancouver Oct15


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Thanks for Murthy forum which I along with my friends have been following during our prep work and time to share our exp.

After all initial security check reached floor 20 for interview-

my intrvw was at counter 6(lady)


1)Is this your first H1

2)show me your prev 1-797

3)what does your employer do

4)what is your title

5)Have you done masters? which univ? when did you graduate? majors?

6)what is your work location-- told client location,

7)where is your emp located?

8)who is your end client

9)how long with client?

10) how long with employer?

11)show me your last one year paystubs--didnt check them properly

12)show me your last one year bank stmnts--checked the last 3-4months deposits and verified(try to highlight your direct deposits)

couple of others experiences, few main q's


1)end client address--should be same LCA

2)paystubs, w2, client letter

3)how long with employer, how with client

counter5(middle aged guy)---

1)who have been your employers since you graduated

2)bank stmnts, paystubs, client letter

3)Univ details

4)what do you do for the client

5)whats the title

except one person(221g) rest all 8 of them got visa approved, bottom line--try to answer all questions clearly and be to the point, We all get tensed but try to answer confidently.

Cheers,,,, Party time!!!!!

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Congrats !!

Could you please let me know if they ask question like 'why you did not go to your home country for stamping?' and what would be possible answer to that.

Also, if you can send links about how to make the travelling and other arrangements for interview in Vancouver it will be great help.



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