Has anyone schedule appointment with new website?


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I scheculed an interview date at Chennai consulate for Nov, 1 couple of days back. That is the earliest date I saw for Chennai consulate but hyderabad consulate has dates vacant from tomorrow to Nov first week. But for some reason, all other dates in Nov are unavailable except for Nov 1 & Nov 2 in both the consulates but Decemeber has some vacant dates. Maybe there were filled already or could be released in next couple of weeks.

I'm not sure if you are planning to go to for other consulates but that is what I saw for the above consulates. Also, you need to pay the fee before you can see the available dates in the new website. Also, you don't need to submit the DS160 to schedule the dates but you need to generate one for the consulate you are going to, fill the first page and use the DS160 form ID to schedule the interview. You can later change the DS160 form any number of times you want by retrieving the saved DS160 form and can *submit* it before the interview date.

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