221G @OTTAWA Oct 9th


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My Interview was on Oct 9th at 8am. Iam on EVC.And have all the letters

VO: Looking at my Client & Vendor Letters and i797

VO: You work on xxx technology

Me yess sir

Vo:Give me your paystubs and agremeents

Me:Gave paystubs and w2,'s and agrmeents

VO:Took them and gave 221g white slip

Any in same situation or have any idea on 221g white slips. Please respond.


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Capri06: No time frame was given, I have seen 4 people getting 221g.

gagarp: Yes Chinese guy randomly issues 221g

siva2821: He took my I 797 ,LCA,I 129, Paystubs, All Agreements but not passport

alex2012: No additional Documents were asked.

Current Status

My client manager got further review questions by 2:15 on the same day.

And my manager replied to them next day wating on respose from ottawa embassy.

any one have any idea when i would get email from embassy

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Hi Guys i was interviewed by american at 2nd counter.He told no issues in my h1b but he is not able to take any decision because my petition is not available.He did't say anything about the pims but i saw on the paper stamped no pims.He tod its going to take 2 weeks it may be less than two weeks depending on my petition availability.he took lcd paystubs,i797 my masters and bachelors transcripts an amy passport.Do you guys have any idea or any body in the same boat.My client and employer did't get any email so far.

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