Successful H1B Stamping in Vancouver on 29th--EVC model...:)))


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Hi Folks,

Murthy Forum was really helpful to get lot of information. I have seen lot of issues and different kinds of problems that people had but i allways tooks them as information never took it to head, sincere advice to do the same.

Today, we are like 5 people(4 EVC and 1 in-house project types), All of them got approved. Here is my interview questions, pretty basic(i did not had client letter because of client's policy but i had a email which was a pretty basic email from my lead and manager stating "He works for me" in one sentence, they dont want to give more)

MY CASE IS F1-H1, same with my friend too and we pretty much faced same questions same counter same person, except that VO asked his pay stub and for me not even single paper that i have to bring out from my document bag :)

Who is your client: XYZ

How Long with this Client: XX months

How Long with this employer: XX months

Where is your client Located: Some Place

Did you ever been on bench: NO

Did you worked anywhere before this employer: I said NO...He said OK.....

How much you make: I said XX-K, but seems like he is not paying attention at all

When did you complete your masters: YYMM

What did you do at the clients Place: I said some admin role and stuff like that(He was typing something)


I have been following the forums for last six months and one thing i want to tell all the people here is, seems like looot of people who got their VISA(may be 50% or 60% or whatever), do not post in the forums rather we see everybody who got 221g since they need some kind of help, that makes sense...

The reason why i was pointing out the above information is to just to boost the confidence, if you have a very clear record and justfiable answers and papers, please go to canada.....

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Congratualtions .....I have small doubt...I know it is weird but for clarification...I and my fiancee planning to go for stamping but we belong to same company but different vendor & client...and we booked date on same date & time it ok to stay in same line & attend interview?


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