Early H1B Stamp for Canadian Citizen


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I'm a Canadian Citizen, I have been working in US for quite number of years on TN but now I'm switching to H1B for the first time. My current TN expires 2nd week of Sept and supposedly H1B starts Oct 1st. I would truly appreciate if you could please answer the following.

  1. Do I get my H1B stamped at the border or do I need to make an appointment with US consulate?
  2. Can I have H1B stamped say second week of Sept and return back to US on this H1B?
  3. My spouse is non Canadian, so I know I will need to make an appointment for an interview for her. Any idea if she would be permitted to return with me the same day if I can get my H1B stamped before Oct 1st?

Thanks for your time in responding to the above queries.

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1. No stamp. The I94 is issued at the POE.

2. You can enter in H1 status up to 10 days before the status commences. In your case the appropriate I94 will be issued. You just have to cross the border and recross. No stamp.

3. No H1 visa stamp for you. She will need an appointment for the H4 visa and can only enter in H4 status up to 10 days before the start.

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1. H1b is considered change of status... u need to take appointment from consulate....

2. If your H1b is already approved, you can continue working in US.... and get stamped at your convenience...

3. As your wife is non Canadian she should make an appointment as well... you guys can go together to make things easy.... I hope your wife had a valid visa until Sep 30th, so you can come back with that.... my suggestion is to leave to Canada before Oct 1st and return to US after Oct 1st on H1b to make things easy...

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