I 140 under EB2 Premium Rejected (status H4)


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I went to India for my H1b visa renewal stamping on Apr 18 2011 and got 221g admin processing slip- got delayed for more than two months. So I changed my status to H4 (spouse working)on Jun 29,2011 and came to US. Meam time my employer (small desi company) applied for i 140 on EB2 premium and now telling two days after my H4 approval date he got rejection notice(no RFE) and he's guessing its because of my change status (to H4).

Not sure that may the reason that can be trusted, because I was thinking (thru forums) GC is for future based employement and independednt on the status of visa.

I've asked him to send me the copy of the rejection notice.

Can any one suggest what might have been the reason for rejection? is it coz of my H4 status or related to company?

Appreciate your answer!

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