H4 To H1 conversion with same I94 #


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I came to USA on H4 status and applied for h1b and got approved with cos which is effective from Oct 1st, 2012. I got the new I 94 alongwith i797 but with the same no. . Meanwhile I travelled to travel to India for a month and planning to come back to US in Aug on H4. Just want to know whether this travel will create any impact on my H1 or not as h1b cos is effective only from oct ? Also since the new i797 has same I94 # will it create issues at the port of entry or for SSN. Please provide your inputs.

Thank you so much.

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I have search for the older emails.

He didnot travel while her petition was processing but after she arrived US, we filed her VISA. But the I94 given by attorney while filing was old one.

I have heard that the attorney can file an amendment to rectify this error.

Then attorney/employer has to file a cap exempt H1B petition and pay again.

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