Alien registration number question

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Background: Married to USC and will be filing PR/Green Card. Currently on H1B visa.

I'm filling out the green card forms, and they ask for the A # (Alien Registration number). I know I have an A # on my OPT that I received in 2006 but that OPT has expired. Should I leave the Alien Registration column blank in the application or use the A# that's on my expired OPT?

Realize this is a simple question but will appreciate guidance. Want to make sure the forms are filled out as accurate as possible. Thank you.

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Hi Joe, one last question.

-I have an approved i797 petition and i94 valid till 2014 (no h1 visa stamp).

-If I want to travel to India in the next couple of months, is it better to apply/get advance parole or get an h1 visa stamp once i'm in india? Plz keep in mind I'll be filing for AOS next week or so (i485, i130 etc.).

Parent is ill, so i'm trying to figure out what I should do if i need to travel. Plz let me know. Thanks.

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Thanks, Joe. I do no work for a consulting company. In the case that my AP hasn't arrived/approved yet, and I need to travel, what are my options?

- Apply for emergency AP?

- Get h1b stamp before entering the US again? Is it ok to get a h1 visa stamp while your 485, 130, etc are processing?

Thanks in advance.

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