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How I have to do PIMS verification. I do I have call them or Email them or is there any other Procedure.

There is nothing that you can do. Just attend the interview, if the VO finds your PIMS is not updated then they will send an request to get the info. It takes one working day for them to get it.

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usuallu USCIS takes care of PIMS , There is no harm in sending an email for PIMS update , If your H1B is recently approved . below is the format used(i found in the forums)....

Here is the format i used,

Email to : PIMS@state.gov and vancouverNIV@state.gov

subject: Requesting PIMS verification - Receipt Number: <, I-797 receipt number> appointment at Vancouver on < date>


I am <Full Name> being Indian passport: <passport no>, I have an appointment for visa stamping on <date>, I would like to verify my information in PIMS database.

Please find the attached petition and appointment confirmation for more details.


Appointment confirmation: < appointment confirmation number>

Receipt Number: < I-797 number>

Petitioner: < empolyer name>

Beneficiary: < your name>

Passport Number:


Classification: H1B

Starting Validity Date:

Ending Validity Date:


< your name>

***************attach your appointment letter and I-797 copy

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