Applying for family based green card

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hi, I'm applying for a green card through family and have a question.

Since the last time I entered the US from a trip to India (mar'10), I've switched jobs but I have not gone back to India (so, no visa stamp with current employer). The expiration on the Visa stamp on passport is Dec'11 but my current Work Authorization (I-797?) is until Sep. 2013. This should not be an issue while filing, right? Do I need to get my visa stamped with current company before applying?

Please advise. Thanks.

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Joe, thanks. the i94 when I entered the US in march 2010 has a dec 2011 stamp on it. i switched jobs in early 2011 and the i94 in the bottom portion of the new i797 (h1b approval) says its valid until sept 2013. Am i good for now? i'm a little concerned. please let me know when you get a sec.

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Joe, by last you mean the one in the i797? or the one i got when i came in 2010? Sorry, I don't know if the i94 on i797 is a "real" i94 and hence the question. Apologize for being redundant here, but trying to make sure I get a thorough answer. Appreciate your help!

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