221(g) withdrawal for new appointment on behalf of another employer


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My current H1B case is pending under 221(g) processing for stamping in Delhi consulate. I had got an another job opportunity from another employer and they filed my H1B and got approved. Currently I am working for my new employer in India temporarily and I am supposed to go to US once my visa stamping is done.

I had submitted the scanned copy of withdrawal letter to withdraw my previous employer's H1B application on 14th of June which is pending under 221g and I had submitted all the documents they had asked. Since then, I have been following up with VFS to get the estimated time need to withdraw my application but I didn't receive any concrete information. For first two weeks they didn't reply me at all and after sending them the reminder on third week, I got a reply that my request has been noted and I will get the confirmation letter via VFS shortly. Its been more then 3 weeks and is driving me crazy because my new employer wants me to schedule an appointment for stamping but I can't do this because my previous application is not withdrawn and my passport is with consulate.

Does anyone has any idea how long it takes to withdraw the pending h1b 221g visa application? and my chances for successful stamping on behalf of new employer? my new employer is multinational product based company.

Here is the post explaining more about my case: -


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