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Hi everyone, need some advice

Currently I am on H1b, my I140 is approved and waiting for PD to be current. I am completing my 6yr on H1B on Oct 2012 , so my company is renewing my H1b which I should have it by Aug end.

My Wife is on H1b and completing her 6yrs on Dec2012, her PERM is approved and her company is applying for her I140 in a month or so... and then going to renew her H1B

Problem: My wants to leave the company to take a break for a year. ..so need some suggestions

1. As her 6yrs is getting over is it better for her to let the current company apply for her I140 and renew her H1B then leave the company


2. Can she leave the company now and take a break on H4 for a year and then get back on H1B, but as her 6yrs got over.. is it mandatory to leave the country for 1yr to reset her H1B OR can she be on H4 for 1yr and that will also reset the H1B and then her new company apply for her H1B?

Any other suggestions are welcome


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