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Need an Advice from the experts.

I'm an IT Consultant who recently got Green Card. After 6 months I'm planning to leave my W2 employer, who sponsored my GC, and be Independent Consultant.

My question is. Should I open my own LLC or should I join the main Vendor who has the project with the Client on their W2. In the latter case each time there's a project I would be on the Vendor's W2.

Lets say I get a 6 month project with Vendor ABC in NYC. I join company ABC on their W2 and after 6 months I get another project in DC with Vendor XYZ for 1 yr. So I leave company ABC and join XYZ on their W2. Is that fine to do? Will I get 2 W2's at year end?

Or is it wise to open my own company and work on 1099.

I know this is not really a Immigration question, but any help is highly appreciated.

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"He's not paying me my full Salary. Is that a good reason to leave?"

Absolutely. Since you want to leave send him a letter demanding your salary as agreed upon and keep the correspondence. If he refuses leave. If he pays you then wait for a few more months and then demand more money. Let us say he fires you. You are totally safe.

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