July 3rd stamping in Toronto waiting on Passport

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I attended H1-B stamping in Toronto on 3rd July and VO said my visa is approved and gave me a white forum which indicates my visa is provisionally approved and he informed it will take 3-5 business days but i havent received any waybill number from loomis.

is anyone waiting for the passport in toronto attended on July 3rd or even before that

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I attended H1B visa stamping interview on July 3rd in Toronto. My visa was approved with PIMS verification pending. They told me that you will get your passport in a little more than a week. and it takes normally 24 hours for PIMs verification to be done once they send an email.

Two of my friends who also got sucessfull stamping on July 3rd in Toronto but with PIMS verification ok are still waiting for the Waybill number as of Sunday 07/08/2012 (There was a holliday on July 4th So only 2 working days after stamping) I am guessing they should hear something by Monday evening.

Does any body has a visa approved with PIMS verification pending on July 3rd in toronto.?

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