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H4 Visa Interview without Cap-Gap I-20

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I came to USA on a student F1 visa and am currently on OPT which is getting expired in first week of July

and i dont have an Cap-Gap I-20, my University said they are working with USCIS on this issue

My H1 visa has been approved and will be valid from 1st Oct 2012, and am presently working in a Pharma Company

My wife has an H4 (Dependent) visa interview scheduled in India in the 2nd week of July 2012,

We have all of the required documents except the Cap-Gap I-20

Can anyone please guide us whether this can cause any problem in the visa interview or it will be fine ?

Awaiting your response and guidance. Thanks!

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If she intends to come over in H4 status up to 10 days before the start date she should be able to get the H4 now. Get a letter from your DSO stating they are fixing any problem just in case.

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I'm currently filling my H1 extension, which will be effective from 1st oct, 2012. Can my wife attend with h4 with extension petition and travel in aug with the existing petition? Or she should travel 10 days before my extention petition?

Please help us out. Thanks for your Help!

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She can come in based on a H4 visa based on your current petition and once she comes, you can file her H4 extension based on your pending or maybe approved extension any day before October,1.

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Thanks pontevecchio!!!

If she attends visa with my current h1, she may gets visa till end of sep 2012. I'm trying to take an advantage to get her h4 visa for longer duration with my extended petition (Reduce risk attending h4 again if she travels after oct 2012) and enter US in aug 2012.


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