How to convince my employer to sponsor GC?

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i came in the US in 2005 with F1 visa. Did my master's degree at MBA (finance) in 2008 and was hired in a big non profit organization while I was in OPT.

Now I am in H1B, and it is going to expire in Oct, 2012. I asked my employer to sponsor me for GC, in the beginning they were willing to do it; however, after they reviewed procedures of GC, they simply refused to do it (They never sponsored someone for H1B and GC. I was the first one whom sponsored for H1b).

My attorney introduced them procedures that involves to post job opening in two Sunday papers, interview applicants, prove that we could not find qualified applicant for my position. The reason they refused was they were not able to prove that because there are tons of unemployed people who has same degree and experience as me. Instead, they just wanted me to extend my H1B.

So I have applied for the extension of H1B.

I am planning to ask them again to sponsor me after for a while. But I am not sure how to talk and convince them. Please advice me.

Thank you.

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