My H-1 B Visa Approved on June 25, 2012 @ Vancouver, BC


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Me and my 2 other friends(studied at same University) attended visa interview at Vancouver US consulate on Monday, 25th June morning. we are working under EVC model.

Below are the questions I came across at the POE and consulate:

POE questions while going to Canada.

where are u going?


what is the trip purpose?

for my H-1 b visa interview at US consulate in Vancouver.

He looked at the passport and questioned me. your visa is expired , how ur still staying and working in US?

I said my status has been changed from F-1 to H-1 B. Until I cross the border I don't have to have visa, and I can stay and work legally in US without visa.

Do you have that approval notice from USCIS?

I showed him my I-797A.

He said Ok, you can go

I said Thank u.

At US consulate:

Qns asked by the lady VO:

What is your designation?

What is your degree?

what is your major?

which school and place?

how long you have been working for the employer?

do you have end client?

what is the client name?

where are u working?

how long you have been with this client?

how long you have been with this employer? (she asked me this question again, because my stay at client is more than my emplyer)

How did u report to ur supervisor?

weekly status reports and through conference calls based on the need. If there is any need my employer provides training for me(I just told her).

did u work on OPT?

have u been on bench at any time?

what is ur salary per annum?

what is ur previous salary?

how ur getting paid by weekly or monthly

give me ur petition,LCA, paychecks, w2s?

she verified all the docs line by line in each and every page

Finally she said I am approving your Visa but there are some complaints filed on your employer regarding pay, do you have any idea on this matter?

I don't have any idea. for me everything is fine so far.

VO: yeah I can see that. your records and compensation are perfect. if you face any problems report it to USCIS. you will get your passport in 3-5 business days.

I said thank you.

I got mail from loomis on Tuesday evening @6:30 PM. Picked up my passport on wednesday.

My friends also got Visa. We all appeared on same time, but 2 of us got mail from loomis on tuesday evening and other frnd got it on wednesday evening. I guess it will be based on the order uscis processed. my visa has been issued on monday and theirs on tuesday and wednesday

mostly all are same questions for them

for one friend VO asked client letter and he asked more questions on the client(VO googled about the client). my friend gave him detailed explanation about the client and client business.

Port of entry questions.

where are u coming from?


why did u go there?

I went to US consulate in Vancouver for my H-1B visa stamping

visa stamping? Why canada, you can attend in US itself

I said no, I have to cross the border and go to US embassy outside US as my status has been changed from F-1 to H1-B.

He said No!! you can do it in US. u just don't know that

I said No I can't

what status you are on now?


No, you are not on H-1B

I said no, my status has been changed from f-1 H-1 b in last october and my h-1 started since Oct 2011.

He said no, you are not on H-1 b.

He looked at the passport asked me by showing the visa page, what is this, I said h-1 b visa stamping.

He said no, this is just a Visa not visa stamping.

asked who is your employer?

what is ur position?

you did masters here?

give me your degree certificate and transcript?

he looked at those docs

what is ur degree in India?

I said Bachelors in Computer science and Information Technology


I said yes

where are u working.

he asked my I-797A and questioned me why did u tear the bottom portion? this is not ur job, that is my job to remove the I-94.

I said I did it as per the instructions on the page I detached the I-94 and stapled half part with the original I-94 and kept first half part in personal file

He said give me the other part?

I said I don't have it with me. I kept it at home

He said Ok.

why you are coming by bus, you have to fly, because of you people lot of people have to wait in the line?

I said I dont know about that, I just booked it.

He stamped on passport and I-94 and told me that now you can say u are on H1-B, but not before.

and he said always carry this I-797A with your passport while traveling.

I said sure, thank you have a good day. Paid $6 for the new I-94 at the cashiers counter and left the place

One thing I learned at POE that we have to tell them that I went to Vancouver for my H-1 b visa.

And if they ask us what is your status then we need to tell them previously I am on f-1 visa and now my H1-B petition and Visa has been approved.

Once POE officer completes stamping on our passport then we can that as H-1 B stamping done.

Be confident always. Make sure all your documents are perfect and give them direct answers to their questions. Don't be panic.whatever is the model and job (full time or EC or EVC) there is no big difference in that. all are same.

I wish good luck to those who are planning to attend the interview.

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