ETA for Canada Visit visa in Detroit


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You don't need to submit original documents.Photocopied documents are sufficient.I have applied for CA Visit Visa in LA Consulate in-person and submitted the following docs:

Bank Statements - Previous 6 months or Statement from bank stating $amount balance.

Paystubs - Previous 6 months.

Money Order - 150$ from USPS.

Employment verification letter from your H1B holder.

I797 Copy.

Two Passport size photo's meeting the exact criteria stated in website or you can pick-up from Wallgreens stating your requirement.

Canada Visa forms.

If possible ticket reservation (I made a refundable reservation and cancelled it after taking a print).

Hope this helps.

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I just checked the Detroit website. It says no more TRVs after June 18th. Check the website of all the CA consulates in US. All of them have recently made changes. Here is my suggestion. Check the website of the consulate you want to submit, or even call them and make sure they are accepting application and ask them what all they need.

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