H1B -RFE Reply and Processing time


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F-1 to H1B to H1B stampinning done - F1- H1

Came F-1 visa , File H1 in 2009 and approved , went to India for Stamping in 01/2011 and came back 03/2011 without any problem.

Problem with H1b employer, No Project. 06/2011.

Apply for COS to F-1 in 07/2011 and approved.09/2011 Join the school.and take CPT for work.

Start to find job and Dec 2011 , i got the Job and start to work on CPT base. New Employer

File H1b on 04/05/2012

RFE Date: 05/16/2012

VSC , regular Process

RFE type:

COS to F-1 last year, but their records shows i am on H1B with my previous employer.

RFE Reply: 06/22/2012

Any one have this type of RFE and any update from USCIS.

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