Salary Cut below prevailing wage


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I am working on H1B and last week my salary has been reduced below prevailing wage. Am I out of status, because I read on this forum -- http://www.***********.html that only the employer is in violation and my status is fine.

Will there be any issues while transferring H1B when I start a job with a new employer, since my paystubs will be below prevailing wage. Or Should I change my status immediately to some other status.

Can some one please help me out.

Thanks in advance,

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Yes, you HAVE TO BE paid equal or more than LCA salary. Not getting paid or getting paid less than LCA salary is same for immigration POV. Complain to your state's DOL using WH4 form. You fail to report, you are partner in this illegal activity. Email to your HR and ask to match your salary with LCA salary. If they deny, send that email to DOL. You should also report to ICE for this illegal activity. More doubts/ questions? Let us know.

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