Need clarifications on LCA ammendment


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I work for one of the IT service providers. I have been working in a project for the last 4 years. There was an extension filed for my H1b last year and a new LCA was included which increased my pay by about $8k per year.

Now after 6 months my conpany is saying that there was some "error" in filing the extension and thay they would be filing a LCA ammendment for me mapping me to a different role and thus my pay would be reduced by almost $10k, I still conitnue to do the same work.

Please let me know if this is legal for my employer company to file an ammendment to my LCA when my work, location and project remains the same, it looks to me like a ploy to pay me less.

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As per law, you should be getting a copy of LCA. Go through the new LCA and see closely if the duties and responsibilities are matching with what you actually do. If they don’t match ask to your employer or call to DOL, complain using WH4.

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