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Hi All,

I am currently working in USA on H1B visa and planning to go for stamping in India.

Could you please help mw with the following question.

I am working as direct employee for ABC company on XYZ project. My company has various clients and get different projects. I work on the project which my manger from ABC company assigns to me. I dont directly interact with any client. I get the tasks and report to the manager from ABC company.

The question is if VO asks me regarding the client information what should i tell them. What are the documents i have to carry to support this.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated.


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Tell him that you work for multiple clients at your employer location. Which means you are working for your employer directly though that project belongs to your client.

When I went for interview, a guy in front of me told the same and his visa was approved. Most of the MNC's emploees work on multiple client projects.

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