H4 -> H1 transition - Please Help


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Hi Seniors,

Here is my situation -

1. I have H4 visa (my husband is on H-1B) which is expiring on 09/30/2012.

2. I had applied for H1 through a consultant in 2010 and it's approved on 05/15/2012 and good until 09/30/2013.

3. Since my husband's employer filed for his H-1B extension so my H4 extension is also filed so I have H4 extension approved as of 6/20/2012 which is good until 09/30/2015.

We are also planning to visit India in Aug/Sep 2012.

Here are the questions I have:

1. What is my current status?

2. I have not started working yet so that means I am still on H4 status?

3. If I go to India and come back before 9/30/2012 (before expiring of my first H4), will I have to get H4 or H1 stamping?

4. If I get the H4 stamping then how can I get the status changed to H1 again once I come back to USA?

3. If I try to get the H-1B visa and for some reason it gets denied then what option I would have while I am in India?

Thanks in advance


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