Number of H1B years?


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Hello All,

I have a question regd. how many years I've been on H1B:

- My OPT period was from Jan 2009 to Jan 2010

- My first H1B petition from Employer X was approved and had a date from Oct 2009 to Oct 2012, But I never worked for X because I was working for Y during my OPT period

- Employer Y applied H1B and approved petition had dates: Jan 2010 to Dec 2012 (Have a H1B visa stamp). I worked here till April 2011 and then moved to Z

- Employer Z applied H1B and approved petition had dates: April 2011 to Feb 2014. Now i'm looking to move to Employer A

Can someone please tell me: how many years have I been on H1B status? Am I into the 2nd term of H1B or still 1st?

I'm looking to move to Employer A now and then apply for green card. But I need to know how many years I still have left.



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Hello Pontevecchio. Thanks for the reply.

Are you sure that its 31 months (ie. H1B period started in oct. 2009?) Please confirm.

Also, please advise me about going about taking a contract to hire position at this stage: (ie. working as a contractor from consulting company A for a client B and then getting hired by the client B after a few months (this is the offer I have)). And then applying for green card. Is it a risk to do this at this stage of my H1B, considering I'll be having more H1B petitions? Will it be an issue when applying for green card from client B? or will it be too late?

Thanks. this will answer all my questions.


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