tijuana stamping experience


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Interview time : 40+ mins

Me: good morning sir

VO: H1B ????????

Me: Yes

VO: which company you are working for?

ME: xyz (my petitioner)

VO: what is ur education qualification?

ME: abc..

VO: Year?

ME: 1233

VO: again who is ur petitioner?

ME: xyz

VO: is it consulting company?

Me: no, explained blah blah

Vo: are you working on your company product?

Me: no

Vo: who is ur client?

Me: xyz

Vo: I never heard about that client

Me: explained blah blah about client

Vo: are you working on your company product?

Me: no

Vo: who is your manager?

Me: xyz (petitioner company)

Vo: how frequently you interact with him?

Me: daily basis (because EC model)

Vo: he is technical guy?

Me: no, he is a non technical manager

Vo: where is company located?


VO: how abt client?

Me: ABC (different from petitioner company location)

Vo: anybody else working with the same client from your company?

Me: no Im the only person

Vo: is anybody working in the same city from your company?

Me: yes

Vo: how many?

Me: gave number

Vo: asked so many questions on previous visa petitions/h1b transfers (more than 10 questions)

Vo: abt 1st petition company

Vo: can you give me your tax returns?

Me: gave just tax returns

Vo: w2 forms?

me: gave w2 forms

vo: questions on w2 and tax returns (around 10 questions in 10 mins)

vo: why your salary doubled from 2009 to 2011?

me: 2010 onward my wife working

vo: do you have any kids?

me: yes, 10 months old

vo: US citizen?

me: yes

vo: returned tax returns and w2's

vo: some questions on H1b amendment petition (we filled it because changed client in same count/city)

vo: vo and other lady from other counter discussed

golden words.........

next day picked up my passport.....................

Next day 2 members attended the interview both kept on HOLD

in my opinion Tijuana is not preferable for consultants......

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