First time H1 B Stamping in chennai..221(g) Blue slip ... Successful


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Hi All,

Firstly I would like to thank Murthy forum for providing lots of info:

My interview was in Feb 2012 in Chennai. i have done my MS from USA and converted to H1B in OCT 2011.

VO asked few generic questions and given 221g blue slip...I have all docs related to my employment.I am on EVC model.

After 3months I received a green slip from consulate to submit my passport. I submitted my passport by next day to vfs Hyderabd, from there with in 1 week I received my passport with stamping.

Make sure items:

1. If you are in EVC model ..carry employer employer relation document.

2.Employer is the person who will control your hire and fire.

3.Employer can control your project.

Suggestion: my opinion is , chances of getting stamping in Canada are more.

All the best to all...



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