Avoid Ottawa if you have chance


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I do not want to scare anyone especially if you are confident but for EVC model i dont think this is a good place to attend and that is my personal opinion... I had interview on Jun 25 and i have 3 friends who attended for interview with me... 2 of them on 25 and 1 on 26 and other guy on 23. None of us had good day as 2 among us got PIMs verification and other 2 of us got 221g.

Interview went smooth for everyone...even for 221g's..

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Hey Prady007,

So can you please share more of your and your friends interview questions? What is a reason for 221g?

Mine is EC model, but my client doesn't provide Client Letter.



As soon as you enter into the consulate,at the first window they ask for your client letter. So just understand the important of that. In case if you can't provide letter from client, get the print out of the email stating that client cannot provide letter or just avoid the interview

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