H1-B stamping in Toronto June 18th ( need help)


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Hello everyone,

Has anyone applied for H1B stamping in Toronto last June 18th? Have you got passport.

The VO said that my visa is approved and I will receive my passport within 3 to 5 business days. On the 5th day, I receive an email saying that they are verifying PIMS, which I really dont know How long will it take. On June 25, I receive another email from American consul, and says, administrative processing and was asking for I-129 PETITION NUMBER. In 5 minutes I replied the email with the I-129 petition.

Does anytime has the same issue with me? Please I am getting crazy, I have a baby left in United States. I never thought that this will take that long.

Any positive response will be so much appreciated.


pls email me at ndcs1980@gmail.com

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