Successful H1B VISA Stamping @ Vancouver


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First of all, I would like to thank murthy forums and everyone who shared their experienced and helping others by responding to their postings.

Mine is EC model.

Questions were like below:

1. Whom do you work for?

A. My Employer

2. What do you do for them?

A. Software development. (this could be better)

3. What do you develop for them?

A. I design and develop software applications using particular technologies like blah blah blah.

4. How long you been with them?

A. 'n' months

5. So they are located in ABC? (He might be looking that info. in I797 Approval notice where on left top most corner attorney's address is mentioned below Company name)

A. Actually its located in XYZ, not ABC.

I specifically told him that My employer is in XYZ, State.

6. Okay do you work at employer location?

A. No. I work at their client location which is in same location/state PQR, State.

7. Who is their client?

A. zzzz.

8. So it is located in same location where your employer is?

A. YES :)

9. Whats your salary?

A. Base pay is $some K per annum.

10. Did client provide you a letter?

A. Yes. but I have SOW(statement of work ).

Officer said thats fine though. He looked at screen and verified something.

11. So how long is your contract?

A. Initial contract is till Month DD 2012.

12. What after that?

A. They would positively extend my contract, bcoz they go by 'n' months contract.

13. How long you been working at this client?

A. 'n' months

14. Did you work with someelse on h1b earlier?

A. Yes.

15. Whats the company name?

A. Previous company.

16. why did you leave or move to new company?

A. They provided me better and challenging opportunities and I foresee technical growth of my career in this new company.

Returned my SOW then. He didnt had any questions for me.

Finally he said Your visa is approved. Please collect visa from DHL or what ever.

All the best. Be confident whether it is EVC or EC Model. Give him short and best possible responses for VO questions.

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Today i.e. 48 hours from my interview schedule, I can go to loomis branch and pick up my passport as it is in undeliverable status. You can track and trace status of passport in loomis website, for that you can click on the waybill number on summary page or link in the email you receive from US consular services.

All I am trying to say is successfully passport can be collected after 48 hours from your visa appointment schedule. If everything goes okay.

I did not plan return ticket, I made reservations after the interview.

Note: Do not take my word on this. It might depend upon case to case. Just refer this as one of successful stories.

For those who r worried about delay due to PIMS, please contact ur company attorney and ask him whether he had sent two copies of I129 to USCIS at time of H1 filing. There are many topics in forum which would help you to prepare well for interview as well as documentation required.

Once again All the best and I thank everyone who are actively responding to their questions here in forums.

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