Transferring from Eb3 to Eb2.

Mary Raj

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MS. Ku., Migrated from India to USA in 2007 on H1B Company A, Transferred to Company B in September 2008 with H1B transfer, travelled to India in 2010 and got renewal for three years on H1B.

In 2009, December- company B filed for Green card for MS Ku., under EB 3 category. Which would apparently take a long tome to get.

Hence MS. Ku., decides to get a new Job with company C, can the Company file her for Green card under EB2 and get a renewal for H1B ?

She wants to move to company C in 2013, by then she would have already been completed 5 years on H1B and going on the 6th

So, let me know, is it a right decision to move to Company C and ask to file under Eb2 or wait with the current Company B with Eb3?

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