H1B white slip Ottawa Jun 25--- Please help


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My Case is pretty simple. Visa renewal on H1b ..working for same employer and client past 2years, same as mentioned in my LCA/129. I thought it would be cake walk for me but i guess its not possible in ottawa any more. My interview lasted for atleast 20 mins.

Note: I moved from FT to EVC 2 years back.

VO: Good Morning

Me: Good Morning Officer

VO: Where do you work?

Me: Explained

VO: Asked few questions on how exactly my work is done in detail

Me: (5 mins discussion) then he was convinced

VO: I am very curious to know why did you move to new employer from FT.

Me: Explained some strong reasons but he kept drilling about some point. He wasnt happy regarding my change of employer.

VO: I am guessing you probably were benched before or you probably wanted to earn more money.

Me: I again explained him nicely that making money could be just one of the 10 reasons i have. and again i explained.

VO: Pause, I think we will need to further review your case. Please give me LCA/129/recent pay stubs (Before even i asked him anything) I am not really sure about how long it takes ...we will communicate you via email.

Me: Thank you. Let me know if you need any additional documents as i pretty much have every including client directory with my name in it. my employer tax papers. He said not neccessary. (They gave me my passport back)....so i am guessing it will take a while.

Note: I do not want to give any one bad impression but Ottawa has issues with PIMs update and also lots of 221g's lately.

Good Luck to you all.

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Hi Prady,

I am having interview on July 23rd in Ottawa. I am on EVC model, and getting all the letters like client, vendor, employer etc... I was in Full Time job before coming to my current employer(It's been one year with my current employer). I think I will face the same questions that you had. Can you tell me more what did you answer then for question like "why did you move to new employer from FT"? Please help me.


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  • 9 months later...

Hmm. VO Simply doubted that you were benched in previous job as you said him you were a FT, but company history and database showed that your ex-company was a consulting company and not a product based company. (Company Database check!!).

So VO goes back and checks all your paystubs while sipping coffee and checks state taxes and requests your employer with all LCA's etc. Based on that, he will match you pay-stubs for state-taxes etc (which state you worked) and analyse and cross confirm it all.

If he sees that everything ties up, you are good, else he will try to find more evidence and keep it processing till he reaches a definite conclusion.

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