L1 to H1 Approved Change of Status - Travel during amendment


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I currently work for company A on L1. The company B had filed H1b Change of Status (COS) on Premium processing on 05/18. With RFE, the petition was approved on 06/21. The approval notification has my current i-94 tagged to H1B petition. The H1B petition has effective start date of October 1st.

However I noticed that my last name is misspelled with a letter left out. The attorney office of company B had contacted USCIS and requested for amendment on 05/22. Per USCIS, the name verification and process would take un to 72 hours and they would send the amended petition by Overnight Fedex after that.

I will be traveling to India on during the first week of July. The plan is to carry the approved petition and get the visa stamping in India and enter US on H1B visa before October 1st.

Since its premium processing, I am confident that I would get the amended petition before the travel date. Will it be a problem if I don't receive the amended petition before my travel? I guess I can still travel with the attorney office mail the approved petition to me in India which can be used for stamping.

Appreciate your response.


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