H1b approval without extention


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1. My first company applied for my h1-b on Nov 2011.

2. I quit the company in February. At that time they said my h1 b petition would be withdrawn but they never did so and it got approved in March.

3. I started work for another company in March without the knowledge that my h1b had already gotten approved.

4. And the new company applied for my h1b on April 2nd.

5. So I have got a reply with the h1b approval form the new company from October but it also included a rejection to extend my stay till October. This decision was made since I worked of a new employer even before they had applied for my h1b.

Because of this I had to travel back to India, I have some questions and hopefully someone can help me out.

1. If the company from which I have the approval from October terminates me, will that approval go void?

2. If the company terminates me and rehires me, do they have to apply for a new h1 b petition or can I use the approval that I already have?

3. Will all the above complications hurt my chances of getting an h1b stamped in India?

4. I plan to be on a unpaid leave for 3 months and return to US by getting e visa stamped? Do you think that will work?

Please help. I am really desperate to work this out and get back to work.

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