H-1B Stamping Dilemma


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I'm planning to get marry this year or next year. In order to get my wife here H-4 is the easiest method.

But I have to go for H-1B Stamping. I came here on F-1 in 2005 and changed to H-1B and recently applied for extension and it was approved til 2015.

So the Question is Should I go for stamping in Canada or India?

What are the chances of not getting approved? are they high?

Plz advise.


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It depends in which model you are working in , if you work in EVC , its better to go to Canada.....chances of getting 221g with EVC model is high in India. If you are full time or atleast EC model you can come to India for stamping chances are high.

Good Luck.

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I am not sure how getting married is related to your H1 approval. In theory, if you have a clean record and work for reputable organizations than all consulates should be equally easy to get a visa from. Since you have studied in the US, either Canada or India should be fine.

I have gotten various stampings done in both countries and except for the ocassionally rude VO, I have not had any issues.

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In my opinion it is better to go to canada for stamping because you have done MS in US. I am just telling you this from my experience with what my friends have gone through. 4 of my friends who work with same client as me working for same employer and vendor went to canada and got the visa. But one friend was over confident and went to india and got rejected. He lost a nice job and looking for jobs in india now. Anyways this is just me experience. so its totally upto you. But if you are a FT or EC model then india is also fine.

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