Question on 221g green slip additional documents requested..Urgent


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I received 221 green letter in chennai and I was asked to submit additional documents ,contract copies from vendor and client.

Along with the additional documents , there is a list of docs asked for

1) I-797

2) complete I129,LCA and other supporting documents as filed to USCIS.

The client iam working right now is different from the client when the petition was submitted to USCIS. I have LCA for my old client as well as for my new client, but petition has my old client name as it was filed when I was working for them.

1) when I submit docs as filed to USCIS should I be submitting my old LCA, old client letter and old vendor letter as they were submitted when filed along with I129 and letter to USCIS? please suggest what all can be submitted in my case?

2) Shall I submit both old and new LCA's? Will it be an issue? ( my old and new client fall under same metro hence did not do H1 amendment ). Any risk involved as I did not do H1 amendment? and in submitting old and new LCA's?

3) I was asked to submit end client letter and my client has no policy to give one . I have an email from client saying that they cannot provide and i do have MSA and SOW, not having client letter will be an issue?

Iam planning to submit docs on Monday...urgent help needed please......


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