can i apply H4 for my wife when my H1B is currently being transferred


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Hi All,

Currently i have an H1B valid for 3 years with a company A and my wife is in india stuck with H1B stamping 221g query with her own company.

We are thinking of cancelling her H1B right now and get back her on H4 since her H1 is going to expire end of september.

Now i am in process of changing my employer, so how will this affect her H4, should i wait for her H4 to get approved before i change my employer, or can i get her on H4 on the new company without any paystubs. please let me know. Thanks in Advance.

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=> For getting H4 visa, she should have YOUR employer letter along with I797 etc to prove that you are on H1b. You should use the docs those are valid at her H4 visa interview date. Your other processings won't affect that.

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