I-485 GC visa number allocation is based on PD or RD

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Hi Murthy experts,

My details:

PD: Feb-12-2010

I-485 Received by USCIS: April-1-2012

Finger Print Done: May-8-2012

RFE for EVL: Jun-7-2012

RFE reply: Jun-14-2012

Now my original PD will be the original one Feb-12-2010 or the actual application received date April-1-2012?

For example: Person-A PD is Mar-12-2010 but his application received by USCIS on March-30-2012.

Person-B PD is Feb-12-2010 but his application received by USCIS on April-1-2012.

So here Person-A application is having first priority or Person-B?

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