DS 160 Primary Occupation Question - Urgent


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Hi All,

I am planning to schedule my upcoming H1B interview next week in Melbourne,Australia and I have question filling out DS 160 form.

Form Asks about

1) Primary Occupation?

I am currently a housewife (taking some time off). However, I am a Software Engineer by profession and was previously working on H1B with MNC in USA.

What option should I choose for my Primary Occupation in my case?

1. Engineer

2. Homemaker (as currently a housewife)

3. Not Employed (this may not apply in my case but not sure)

If Homemaker can I still have fields to enter my previous employment details?

2) Previuos Employment History?

Should I enlist my previuos Internship in USA as well Graduate Assistantship in USA? As I hold a W2 of mentioned employment in USA.

I would really appreciate your guidance in this. Quick responses are highly appreciated.

Thank you for taking your time to read it.

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