Having Valid L1 and B1/B2 - Need to travel on B2


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My wife has a valid L1 visa, stamped recently till Mar 2015. She also has B1/B2 stamped visa till 2020.

She has travelled to US in past on B1 (Business) and multiple times on L1.

We got married recently April 2012 and her company had a plan to travel her to US on L1 in May / June. But now there is a delay where company is not able to travel her on L1 till September. We are wondering is she can travel on B2 (visitor visa) using her existing B1/B2 stamped Visa.

Following are the questions we are looking to get answered:

1.) Is B2 travel possible on exising B1/B2 visa on which she travelled as B1 earlier ?

2.) If she travels on B2 can she reveal that she is married and her husband in in USA working on H1 ?

3.) By doing travel on B2 does she have any risk on her currently stamped L1 ?

4.) if she travels on B2 and gets the entry , she will plan to go back on B2 and then travel back on L1 when company is ready for her L1 travel - do we see any issues during that L1 travel ?

5.) If she travels on B2 and goes back but somehow her employer is not able to travel her on L1 and she plans to quit the job and apply for H4 (since I am here in US on H1). Does H4 application has any kind of risk due to B2 travel even after being married to a person who is working in US on H1.

We are really looking for help on this. Please provide answers on above questions.

Thanks in advance !!!

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