Visa Transfer Approved with Consulate notified blank and with old I94 number


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I am currently working for Company A and got transferred my H1B Visa to Company B and got approval on May 10 2012. I did not join Company B and got another offer from Company C. I transferred my Visa again to Company C with Company A pay stubs since I was working with Company A. I got a RFE for Visa Transfer of Company C and got approval on June 20, 2012.

The Approval email had validity start and end date, if consulate notified field blank and if I94 applied as my latest I94 number.

Through out all this process I was working with Company A and got a pay slip with pay end date as June 15. I am still in Company A payroll and planning to join Company C by July 1st week.

I did not got approval notice petition for Company C.

To my knowledge I was not out of status any time. I was in payroll of Company A till the last pay cycle. I updated Company A that I will resign by June 4th so in the last pay cycle (1st June to 15 june), they gave me a pay slip with salary until June 4th. Since Company A did not accept my resignation I still working with them serving the notice period. I am receiving the payroll of Company A only.

Company C applied for H1 transfer on May 22 and got approval by June 20.

1. Will I get an approval notice for Company C with I94 or without I94? Company C says that since the consulate notified field is blank, it is not a consular process so I will get a petition with I94.

2. I have valid visa and I94 till 2014. If my Company C petition comes without I94, can I continue in US with my Visa and old I 94 which is valid till 2014?

3. If I need to go out of country, should I need to go to Stamping or can I go out and come back with my Visa (vlaid till 2014) and get a new I 94 at POE?

Please kindly clarify me.

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