Urgently need help for H1b RFE for education


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Hi all,

I have done my B.Pharm from India and MS in Biotechnology from USA.

Working at Pharma company as Statistical Analyst(programmer) since 1 year 2 months.

I applied my H1b and got query related to study, saying I need to show where I have learned these skills as the skills are not directly related to my masters or bachelors. I only have 9 credits of statistics in my bachelors.

I have submitted SAS base9 certificate at the time of application and now I have Sas advance certificate also which I will submit for RFE.

What all things I should give to solve the query. I have very few days left.

Can someone help me to answer my RFE ASAP..

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Generally, the employer must demonstrate that the offered position requires at least a bachelor's degree or higher in a specific field of study and that the beneficiary qualifies for the position by having the relevant education/experience required. Please schedule a consultation with a qualified immigration attorney to discuss the specific facts of your case and to determine the best strategy for responding to the RFE, such as obtaining an expert opinion letter from a professor in the industry.

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