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I'm going to file for my green card, and i'm seeking some guidance here.

I married a US Citizen couple of weeks ago. My green card case should be very simple as I'm on H1b and have been in the US legally for the past 5-6 yrs.

Question is: Do I file by myself or get a lawyer? Asking since my case is very straightforward.

If I file by myself: I know USCIS has documents, but is there a link/info on the exhaustive list of documents/documentation that's needed?

If I go through a lawyer: I live in the NY area. Any recommendations? How much do they cost?

Really appreciate any guidance here. Thanks in advance for your time.

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Thanks much!

One more question..... My company was bought out by another company. So, my H1b docs have the old company's name. When I fill out the green card paper work, should I use the old company name (to be consistent with the i-797) or use the new company's name? Please advise. Thanks much.

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Fill out whatever is true and factual. If in doubt feel free to spend a couple of thousand Dollars or less on a Lawyer to help you. If the new firm was a successor in interest ask them why an amendment was not made or why paperwork was not submitted. In the absence of fraud vis a vis the Marriage and if you were admitted legally they cannot do anything to you.

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Pontevecchio... thanks again, for your response! And, there's no fraud or anything of that sort going on there, so that's not what I'm worried about.

Does the company that bought out my old company file for a new petition? I did some research online and It said that unless the scope of my role/location, etc. changes, they don't have to file a new petition!?

little more background on my company: i dont work for a desi/consulting firm. it's a billion $ + buyout.

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