Successful stamping in Ottawa


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I am in my sixth year of H1b working for a big ten university. I had a I-140 from a previous employer and was able to change job last year and extend H1b until 2014.

In 2010, I went to Vancouver for the first stamp. I was subject to 221-g. I had my interview on Tue morning and got the passport back the following Monday (This was before Loomis/DHL setup).

Last week I had my interview in Ottawa, June 12. Ottawa seems very fast, friendly, and efficient. On Tue morning, my appointment was scheduled for 8:00am. I was done with the interview at 9:30am. The counserlor only saw my passport and I-797. After that he asked me what do I do and how long I been in this job? Then he told me visa has been approved. I picked up the passport from the Napean loomis station Thu, at 3:30pm (it was ready earlier).

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Did you get any email from them when the passport is ready. Can you please tell me at what time did you get that email. I got my visa approved on Monday and still waiting for the email and today is wedensday. If i can get that email today I dont want to extend my motel for one more day otherwise I need to book the hotel before 10. Can you please share the info.


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I have my visa interview on July 16th 2012.

Can you please tell me the location of the motel you are in so that I can book it as well. And how far is it from the Embassy.

I will be flying from Atlanta, can you let me know to which airport In Ottawa I need to Book my Flight.



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